Vizion have a reputation of quality, knowledge and leading next generation solutions.

With this comes a vast understanding of not only vehicle purchasing, but the insurance market, customer behaviour and the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Vizion drive growth, innovation and new business models and offer scalability and agility to all of our services and processes, enabling them to adapt and grow with the needs of our clients and adapt to the constantly evolving digital automotive landscape.

Vizion's technical and digital advantage means that we can create full end to end customer processes, in house with complete connectivity to systems via web services and API, seamlessly connecting to our existing suite of solutions.

Leveraging this experience and ensuring a client's data flows efficiently between systems makes is a critical component in any modern implementation.

  • Full understanding of the insurer market not just vehicle replacement
  • The only complete Vehicle Replacement solution within the industry
  • Full end to end customer focused processes
  • Exclusive to Vizion Insurer clients only
  • Full working partnerships with OEM's delivering innovative solutions
  • Scalability to grow and adapt to changes
  • In House IT development and marketing teams
VVR are proud to be an offical partner of Kinetic Exhibition and Conference

Moving Forward Together

22nd - 23rd March 2023 | Telford International Centre

Kinetic is a 2 day event that will provide a platform for repairers, customers, suppliers and partners to easily interact and network with a huge range of industry leaders and experts, providing insight into the future and next generation technology and solutions.

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An average of one car being written off every 90 seconds in the UK, that's 1 in 83 people each year will have to deal with a total loss claim.

It has been reported that up to 50% of clients look to switch Insurer after a total loss claim. This is mainly due to a poor customer experience.

A recent study of 1,212 car buyers found that the average motorist takes a month to find a suitable new vehicle following a write-off.

Many customers face dealing with negative equity issues due to vehicles being written off early within a finance agreement.

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