We are young, but we have been changing the rules of the game in our sector since 2009.

Our strength does not come from tradition, but from our attitude of questioning existing rules, of trying alternative ways, with the aim of simplifying everyone's processes.

When Vizion launched we had a clear mission statement: "To be a catalyst for positive change, to challenge the accepted norms, to find new and better ways to provide the very best solutions, and to drive benefit for everyone through unprecedented levels of collaboration and innovation."

It was critical to be inclusive, to think wider than ourselves and our sector, to instil positivity and a will in ourselves and others to believe in our combined ability to excel, not only in our solution designs and delivery, but in the quality of our repairer partners, affiliations, customers and our friends.

Vizion continues to grow, to innovate, and change at a great pace. Recognised for the third year running as one of the 1000 companies to inspire the UK.

Blistering agility and collaborations in digital and many other areas propel us, our repairer partners, affiliates, customers, and our friends, into a very positive future.

Regardless of our success and pace of change, one thing hasn't and never will change, our will to operate under the core ethics that we were built on, which have set us apart from so many others.

Our approvals


Our members have approvals from all major manufacturers and insurance companies and work with British Standards to ensure your vehicle is repaired to the quality you expect.

Our Repairers

Simply Better

We believe the future will favour a well-connected network of strong independent repairers. They know what they are doing – we let them do what they do best. An ethos that binds the network together.

Digital Solutions

The Customer Journey

Vizion's in-depth and far-reaching expertise brings assurance to vehicle repairs and digital booking and progression for 1000's of customers every day.

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