The experience a customer receives, and the relationship they establish with a brand, is what sets Vizion Vehicle Replacement apart.

With growing customer expectations, every aspect of the replacement journey must become customer centric. Vizion understand the customers and anticipate their needs, engaging each customer with different service levels and goals.

By leveraging digital integration with one-to-one personal assistance, customers understand just how and why things are happening, and gain heightened control over the interaction through choice and options without the jargon.

VVR pride ourselves on our combination of both digital and human contact with every customer, ensuring they have a dedicated handler and are kept informed every step of the way via an omni-channel approach.

Future advantage and growth will rest on companies that can deliver innovative and hyper-personalised services and experiences for customers. This has been at the heart of Vizion's primary objectives for the past 10 years, leading the way in digital solutions in automotive after-market and collision.

From the initial call to the home delivery, the customer is fully engaged throughout the various touch points on the journey.



An average of one car being written off every 90 seconds in the UK, that's 1 in 83 people each year will have to deal with a total loss claim.

It has been reported that up to 50% of clients look to switch Insurer after a total loss claim. This is mainly due to a poor customer experience.

A recent study of 1,212 car buyers found that the average motorist takes a month to find a suitable new vehicle following a write-off.

Many customers face dealing with negative equity issues due to vehicles being written off early within a finance agreement.

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