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A new solution, agile and future-proof. Delivering objectives, defending inflation, supporting repairers, customer choice and sustainability.

We know customers are looking for different solutions to mobility with reduced need, utilisation, working from home, a move to healthier options for travel and the price of fuel. We want to use these conditions to drive positive change and provide options.

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There is no doubt that the motor vehicle sector has an important role to play in helping the world adapt to a more environmentally sustainable long-term future.

There has been substantial investment by Vizion in new systems and infrastructure to provide the Green Earth Initiative, and an intention to grow this investment further in next phases and modules.

Planting the seed of a big idea.

The current mobility initiative is part of a much wider carbon reduction program, under constant development. We have some core and guiding principles that will be predominant in our planning.

To work with businesses and charities in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to plant trees in the restoration of historic forests.

To proportionally represent effort and investment in each area of the UK and Ireland.

To work with ethical and auditable suppliers only, to ensure that planting is carried out correctly and maintained.

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