Vizion. The Customer Journey

Defining the customer journey

It's not enough to develop outstanding solutions, you need to be customer-centric: allowing customers to choose where, when, and how they interact with the repair journey.

By putting the customer in charge means empowering your IT solutions and repairers. They need the communication and collaboration tools to help them keep the customer informed and offer choice.

The challenge stems not only from the choice itself, but how to manage it, together with the particular requirements of individual repairs and customer needs.

By utilising Vizion systems such as TriagePlus the repairer and claims handler have full visibility to identify, consolidate, and integrate data required to meet business requirements and increased repair agility, providing the customer with an immersive and supportive solution to get the repair completed with the minimum of fuss.

One Hub, One Login.

Intelligently-integrated solution to allow different services to work cohesively to deliver a consistent customer service, automate more processes and take out the complexity and frustration of a repair journey.
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Repair booking

It's all about choice

Organise your repair quickly and easily using our simple intuitive booking system. Choose your booking in date and your repairer from our nationwide network of approved repairers.

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Repair progression

Always informed

Review the progress of your repair at any time, 24/7, 365 days of the year. The hub's built in intelligence will only show you options relevant at each stage, allowing you to control your repair.

Lifetime Assurance

Lifetime Assurance

The Vizion lifetime guarantee is testament to our commitment to our customers, confidence and belief in our high levels of quality control and workmanship by our repairers, providing our customers with the peace of mind that they are going to remain happy with the service received from the Vizion network for as long as the vehicle is owned by the customer.

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The customer and repairer experience can be fully aligned to the brand, not just adding a logo but fully immersive brand experience.
Through intelligent programming and creative. Our development team can seamlessly integrate our clients branding, providing both confidence and have reassurance in the repair process and solutions.
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