We believe the future will favour a well-connected network of strong independent repairers.

Our focus on only using the best repairers has many benefits. With a flat structure, promoting customer engagement and service excellence, we can offer a more concentrated pool of unique services if needed. It also means our teams can focus on work that adds real value, rather than micro-managing repairers.

For our clients, this all translates to better repairers, delivered efficiently and competitively priced. For our team, it means a working environment with more freedom to innovate.

Experienced repairers know what they are doing – we let them do what they do best. An ethos that binds the network together.

Vizion are there to support all our members and offer complimentary tools to provide a digital platform to better engage with customers.

We operate a rigorous selection criteria using our tried and tested auditing process. This ensures that everyone who is part of the Vizion network, has the skills and business acumen required to work with our clients, systems and more importantly, ensure every customer is treated with respect and the importance they deserve.

Our members are a key part of our network, and we have the utmost respect for them all. We are proud of all of them, and they are key in making Vizion Network an award winning solution

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