VVR, the next generation vehicle replacement and the only solution you will ever need. A total solution, fast, easy, ethical and transparent, designed to get the customer back on the road, cost effectively and with the least effort.

If a vehicle is unrecovered or not repairable, its likely a replacement vehicle will be required. Settling the claim and returning the driver back to normal as quickly as possible being the priority. Vizion Vehicle Replacement creates a seamless customer journey, removing the hassle and stress for clients needing car replacement services.

The VVR solution is a full end to end and auditable process, allowing clients to hand over the entire process for all eligible policies. Our services are currently in use with 9 UK insurers, delivering first-class services to their policyholders, resulting in very high levels of customer satisfaction and significant benefits in time and cost savings.

With dedicated solutions in New, Used and Lease, each with their own benefits and uses, a complete process, offering clients a no-nonsense solution to getting customers back on the road.

The VVR framework has 3 key stages: define, source, deliver.

Every process follows these primary steps, focused on delivering great customer and client experiences.
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VVR's approach significantly enhances your customers total loss claims experience, which in turn delivers improved efficiencies by reducing labour costs and administration time.

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VVR have an extensive UK supply network with a process supported by vehicle manufacturers, ensuring we can find and deliver your clients replacement car without delay.

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From the initial call to the home delivery, the experience a customer receives, and the relationship they establish with a brand, is what sets Vizion Vehicle Solutions apart.


An average of one car being written off every 90 seconds in the UK, that's 1 in 83 people each year will have to deal with a total loss claim.

It has been reported that up to 50% of clients look to switch Insurer after a total loss claim. This is mainly due to a poor customer experience.

A recent study of 1,212 car buyers found that the average motorist takes a month to find a suitable new vehicle following a write-off.

Many customers face dealing with negative equity issues due to vehicles being written off early within a finance agreement.

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