One Platform. countless opportunties.

Unlock your bodyshops hidden growth potential with Cortex, using free to use solutions to help you create an innovative end to end digital journey for your customer

With shifting consumer expectations, it's crucial for bodyshop's to rethink their customer experience across the full journey—and choosing the right digital platform is a key step towards getting there.

Cortex, a repairer platform, designed to seamlessly integrate into the everyday lives of a bodyshop and provide a holistic view of repairs and customer interaction, providing tools to the network to enable a comprehensive next generation digital solution.

Advances in the internet, mobile technology, and social media, have transformed the repair journey, blurring traditional, physical, geographic, personal, and time boundaries. Today's digitally empowered customers are in control, they're communicating, interacting, and expecting 24/7 access to brands from any location, on any device.

By adopting the latest technology, you have the ability to deliver incredible repairer experience, but not without a little discipline, a little work and commitment.

Every Vizion repairer has access to Cortex and you can sign up as many as your team members as you wish

Our Growing Ecosystem

Cortex continues to grow at pace offering a suite of solutions to our members with exclusive discounts, support and service. Cortex Pass means that your single sign on provides access to these great services in addtion to the core elements of Cortex

Update Repair

Message, email and update the customer dirrectly in a fully branded emersive solution. True digital customer journey starts here

The Cloud

All your important SLA's and documents in one central location, filtered personally to your company

Manage repairs

See all the information realted to each repair including photos and booking information, request photo's from the customer additonal services, download repair certificates and see what the customer sees.

Bodyshop Profile

Manage your customer and client facing profile with opening times, approvals and also add your feedback comments.

why use cortex

Realise your digital potential, supercharge your customer experience

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It's Free to all Vizion members, and always will be

As part of your membership, Cortex and its applications are free to use, as we know that they will provide great addition to the repairers customer journey, we actively encourage repairers to utilise the systems capabilities.

In addition to the free services there are optional extras from our approved suppliers to support the repairer in sustainbility, training and marketing.

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Seamless intergrated solutions into the repair lifecycle

All your repairs are shown in Cortex and enable you to send messages, update customers, offer additional services and so much more.

As its a web based interface it can be accessed by any laptop, tablet or phone, in fact anything that can connect to the web, this provides easy access for any of your team that are registered.

What sets Cortex apart

In collaborations with the industry finest, we are creating ground-breaking solutions for your business needs.

Vizion Drive

Since the launch of Vizion Drive , the dedicated Vizion Network courtesy vehicle solution has gone from strength to strength and recently passed the milestone of 1000 vehicles delivered. using your Cortex pass you can see all othe offers and terms of current tock as well as making priority communications to the Drive team.


Market-leading provider of advanced non-structural repair training. Our courses help bodyshops to sell more labour, spend less on parts and improve profitability by becoming experts in plastic, steel, aluminium and push to paint repair. With your Cortex pass you can have access to exclusive courses and offers

ECA Business Energy

Cortex is home to Vizion's Green Earth Initativeand we are working with ECA Business energy to provide a path for all repairers for Carbon Neutrality, integrating with our Vizion Standard accreditation to provide each repairer the support they need to achieve carbon-neutral status.

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