Vizion understands the importance of providing reassurance to all customers that their vehicle repair is undertaken by a fully approved repairer.

With increasing concerns over motor vehicle repair quality, it is more important than ever that a repairer network holds, and operates, to recognised industry approval standards.

Our mainstream repairers all hold the BSI Kitemark approval and are compliant with vehicle manufacturer standards to ensure they deliver safe, timely and consistently higher quality repairs than untrained personnel.

Vizion also enjoys an excellent relationship with many of the UK and globally renowned insurers and because of this, the customer enjoys a seamless service from booking a repair to collection.

From the initial application, our repairers are regularly audited to ensure highest levels of service is maintained. Our team of area managers and engineers will carry out unannounced visits to check quality of repair and that each and every repairer is adhering to our standards, this has contributed to making Vizion Repair Centres synonymous with excellence.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicles today are vastly complex in their construction and systems. In order to repair these vehicles to ensure they are safe, you need an expert, it's that simple.

Vizion Repairers are trained to the manufacturers standard and operate within stringent criteria to ensure they deliver safe, timely and consistently higher quality repairs than those of untrained personnel.

Our Approvals


Vizion enjoys excellent relationships with many UK Motor Insurers.

The benefit of holding an insurance approval means that a customer's vehicle can be guided through the repair process without the need for customers to obtain estimates and approval before the vehicle repair can start. Vizion are regularly audited to ensure compliance to our partners exacting standards/requirements.

Our Insurer Partners

British Kitemark Standards

All Vizion Mainstream Repairer members hold BSI Kitemark approval.

In a recent survey the majority of drivers reported they were more comfortable when their vehicle was repaired in a Bodyshop that holds the BSI Kitemark approval.

The scheme is recognised, and adopted industry wide by automotive manufacturers, independent bodyshops, accident repair centres, and is also recognised by most major insurance companies.

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