Introducing the Vizion Standard

The purpose of the Vizion Standard is to enhance the degree of confidence that customers, insurers and clients have in the partners of Vizion.

This objective is achieved via the Vizion Standard framework, a set of specific sections that address areas in cyber security, GDPR and expanding to other areas such as environmental, social and governance. To be part of the Vizion Network, a repairer must comply with professional standards set out in the sections of the Vizion Standard, which are set by Vizion and supported by the UK's largest insurers.

There are 4 key areas to the standard, specifically designed for our repair partners

Accountability and Awareness

It's clear a culture of accountability and awareness builds trust, and taking responsibility instils a high level of confidence within the business and with business partners. More

Help & Support

Vizion standard's knowledge net for help, support and best practices

Add additional user

Add additional colleagues to support you and your bodyshop


Selection of templates to help with your compliance

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